Curt Campbell

Curt  is a trained musician and has been a music lover all of his life. Curt became fascinated with the world of electronics and speaker building early on and started building oddball projects with parts poached from other equipment.

Speaker building is certainly a passion and his crossover designs have become legendary. Numerous DIY projects are displayed around the web and on his own 'Speaker Design Works' website is where his in-depth articles and documented crossover work are featured. Additionally, Curt’s hobbies include woodworking, photography, and rebuilding old sports cars. Curt has also done commercial speaker design work such as the 'More Trix' speaker kit series for Morel of Israel. (Does this man ever sleep?)

In his 'day job' Curt works in commercial aviation where he supports and diagnoses avionics systems in corporate aircraft.

Thank you, Curt, for sharing your remarkable talent and generosity of spirit.




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