Slapshot MTM

Slapshot MTM

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Slapshot MTM speaker creates one of those ‘WOW’ moments.

Utilizing speaker drivers that are targeted at the mid-priced buyer, the Slapshot delivers performance well above its pay grade.

MTM speaker kit

Crossover by Curt Campbell 

Cost effective DIY speaker with stunning performance.

Price includes plans only. 

Utilizing Dayton Audio's RS180P-8 mid-woofers and Morel’s CAT 378 tweeterthis diy speaker design delivers stunning sound quality with great sensitivity (90 db/1m) and power handling. 

While the modest sized ported enclosure of approximately 1 cu. ft. produces quite acceptable bass, add a quality sub-woofer to the system and the Slapshot will shine as a true reference. Slapshot was designed to also be used as a center chanel speaker by simply turning it on its side.

Required stand-mount cabinet is approximately 1 cubic foot internal volume, the baffle has round-overs on four sides and the drivers are flush-mounted. Cabinet not included. If you have questions, please contact us.


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