Eton 7-612/C8/32RP Orchestra 7" Woofer
Eton 7-612/C8/32RP Orchestra 7" Woofer
Eton 7-612/C8/32RP Orchestra 7" Woofer

Eton 7-612/C8/32RP Orchestra 7" Woofer

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The E7-612/C8/32RP Orchestra 7“ flexible bass-midrange/bass driver has been designed for multiple usage, serrated paper membrane geometry, warm sounding, contoured midrange, powerful bassrange, variable for 2-way and multi-way usage.
Our Orchestra Series with traditional paper cone, newly interpreted with ETON’s expertise. The special, radial ribbing and long-fibred, highly absorbing paper mixture creates a very high degree of impulse fidelity and precision, even at extremely high levels; not to mention the resulting individualised appearance. The special paper mixture guarantees homogeneity by preventing mode formations at all representable frequency ranges.

The Orchestra midrange drivers and woofers are characterized by their natural, warm sound. This results in a balanced, well-contoured and soft midrange. In the low frequency range, our Orchestra is more than convincing with its voluminous and impulsive bass response.

With its multiply ventilated and flow-supporting cast basket, the ferrite drive ensures that any occurring compression effects are reduced to a minimum. Orchestra, a sonic reinterpretation with traditional materials.
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