Erse 3.5 mH inductors in our catalog of laminated steel core inductors

ERSE 3.5 mH - 18 AWG I Core - IXQ Inductor Coil

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    Micro thin grain oriented silicon steel

    ERSE's line of IXQ laminated steel core inductors offers a lower distortion alternative to our IQ line of coils. Each coil is manufactured offering the highest quality possible.

    IXQ laminated steel core inductor coils offer a very low DCR, while maintaining high saturation levels and low distortion.The specially molded bobbin is designed for easy mounting with screws or rivets.


    Laminated steel core inductor coils are the perfect choice for speaker crossovers.

    • 3.5mH 18ga IXQ Coil

    • Laminated Core Inductor

    • DCR - 0.360 Ω

    • Temperature Range: -25°C to 85°C

    • Tolerance: ± 5%

    • 300w


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