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Digital Electronic Caliper

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Excellent Quality

Easy Read LCD display!

Instant and accurate readings of inside, outside, step and depth measurements with high accuracy.


  • High quality.
  • Measuring Range: 0.01mm to 150mm/ 0.001inch to 6inch.
  • mm/inch conversion switch, zero calibration switch for convenient operation
  • Internal, external and height dimensions can be easily and accurately measured
  • Easy Read LCD display and durable stainless steel construction.
  • Adjustable thumbscrew provides tension for optimal movement of the slide and locks the jaws of the caliper in place.
  • Hard plastic storage case can effectively protect the stainless steel caliper


Device Type:

Digital Caliper

Measuring Range:

0.01mm to 150mm/ 0.001 inch to 6 inch


0.01mm/ 0.0005 inch


± 0.02mm/ 0.001 inch (<100 mm); ± 0.03mm/ 0.001 inch (>100-200 mm) ± 0.04mm/ 0.0015 inch (>200-300 mm)




1 x Button Cell (included)
Package includes:

1 x Digital Stainless Steel Caliper

1 x Hard Storage Case

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