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ERSE IXQ laminated steel core inductors

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ERSE IXQ laminated steel core inductors are the perfect choice for speaker crossovers. ERSE's line of IXQ laminated steel core inductors offers a low DCR and low distortion alternative to add that extra quality to your speaker building project.

ERSE's IXQ line of laminated steel core inductors offers excellent price versus performance rates. The unique .30mm laminated steel core can handle large amounts of current without distorting or going into saturation. The IXQ coils offer a low D.C.R and low microphonic distortion for maximum fidelity. ERSE's IXQ line of coils is especially designed for frequencies below 8,000 Hz and is ideal when used in a mid-bass or woofer circuit.

The IXQ laminated steel core coil offers a micro thin low distortion grain oriented silicon steel. While ERSE competitors are using 0.35mm thick steel ERSE utilizes 0.27mm thick grain oriented steel. The 30% reduction in steel thickness significantly reduces the eddy current losses, FM distortion and THD distortion. The IXQ core's high grain cell structure is further more optimized by a specially developed annealing process. The combination of ERSE’s micro thin specialty steel and high purity OFC copper makes ERSE’s IXQ line of coils outperform the competition. 

Custom molded high temp bobbins offer high insulation factor and have built in spacers for easy mounting. 

MADE IN THE USA crossover coil inductor by Erse 

Very Low D.C.R.
High Quality
Screw Mountable Bobbin with spacer included in bobbin
High Saturation Levels
Low Total Harmonic Distortion
Low Hysteresis Distortion
Tolerance: ± 5% centered on nominal value
0.27mm Grain Oriented Silicon Steel
Electrical Conductivity 101.5%
Temperature Range: -25°C to 85°C
Insulation Temperature: 155°C
99.99% High Purity Copper


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