Wavecor WF182BD03-04 7" Balanced Drive Paper Cone Mid-Woofer
Wavecor WF182BD03-04 7" Balanced Drive Paper Cone Mid-Woofer

Wavecor WF182BD03-04 7" Balanced Drive Paper Cone Mid-Woofer

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Balanced Drive Paper Cone

The 7” transducers WF182BD03 (4 Ohm) and WF182BD04 (8 ohm) were designed as high performance bass and midrange units for monitors and high-end hi-fi speakers. They offer outstanding deep bass performance and dynamic and detailed midrange.
  • Balanced Drive motor structure for optimal drive force symmetry resulting in largely reduced 2nd order harmonic distortion
  • Copper cap on center pole to reduce voice coil inductance and to minimize variations in voice coil inductance as a function of voice coil position
  • Black coated semi-air-dried paper cone
  • Rigid die cast alu chassis with extensive venting for lower air flow speed reducing audible distortion
  • Vented voice coil former for reduced distortion and compression
  • Vented center pole with dual flares for reduced noise level at large cone excursions
  • Heavy-duty black fiber glass voice coil former to reduce mechanical losses resulting in better dynamic performance and low-level details
  • Large motor with 1” voice coil diameter for better control and power handling
  • Built-in alu field-stabilizing ring for reduced distortion at high levels
  • Low-loss suspension (high Qm) for better reproduction of details and dynamics
  • Black motor parts for better heat transfer to the surrounding air
  • Conex spider for better durability under extreme conditions
  • Gold plated terminals to ensure long-term trouble free connection




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