Rival Acoustics Capacitors

Get the best audio capacitors for your audio projects.

It is extremely important to choose high quality capacitors for speaker crossovers.

'Polar Cap' capacitors by Rival Acoustics are audiophile grade with 400 VDC and tolerance of ± 3%.

Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitors are an excellent choice for crossovers.

Compared with mainstream capacitors, 'Polar Cap' capacitors by Rival Acoustics employ extreme quality foil which has high temperature resistance, superb acoustical quality, very low dissipation factor and stable capacitance.


‘Polar Cap’ by Rival Acoustics is a high performance capacitor. We revisited our capacitor production and found creative ways to bring our capacitors in line with Cost/Performance ratio. Simply put, ‘Polar Cap’ by Rival Acoustics is made with the finest polypropylene film available. The ‘Polar Cap’ capacitor design offers clarity and consistency. The ‘Polar Cap’ has no drawbacks. Our customers fully expect the same level of precision as found in other Rival Acoustics products and we simply will not offer a product that is not high performance.

It is important to use high quality capacitors in crossover networks. Our ‘Polar Cap’ delivers pure transparent reproduction that opens the sound-stage and allows the listener to engage more into the music.

Precision Engineered - Rigorously Tested - Meticulously Manufactured

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